Canines & PTSD

Canines & PTSD

PTSD wrecks lives.  It’s a devastating, confusing and emotionally draining rollercoaster ride for veterans and their loved ones.

At OpBoom, we get it. We understand that PTSD is a stress reaction that never goes away. That’s why we support select service dog organizations to help combat PTSD. It’s also why we’re producing an investigative documentary called, “Unusual Darkness,” which will uncover the truth about PTSD through personal journeys and innovative treatments.

Veterans who have experienced war-time trauma are in real pain – both physically and emotionally. Specially trained service dogs can help veterans combat PTSD. Because dogs are sensitive and attentive creatures, they can sense their companion’s pain. Defuse anger. Reduce anxiety. Bring the hypervigilance down to a manageable level. And much more. It’s intense stuff for veterans to deal with, and we’re here to shine a light on the therapeutic value of deploying a PTSD service dog to a veteran in need.

A specially trained PTSD service dog’s mission is to provide soothing, long-term companionship to help veterans regain control of their new lives and reconnect with the world. Canines are able to do this because they are vigilant, protective, provide information, and respond well to authority.  These canines love unconditionally, anticipate individual triggers and help redirect focus from the past to the present. It’s what they do, and it works.

Yet there’s no government funding for PTSD service dogs, and we don’t understand why.

Please join us in our mission to raise awareness about the reintegration challenges veterans face. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Click here to get involved.

And to all of the veterans who have served, we thank you.

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