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Our military are highly skilled and trained to survive combat. But once they come home, they’re ill-equipped to cope with the psychological trauma they’ve experienced. It’s this abrupt change from survival mode to civilian life that can make reintegration problematic. Here’s how you can change that:

Be featured in Unusual Darkness. We’re looking for:

Veterans to share their PTSD stories | the rough times, the victories and insights gained from the struggle. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey. We want to hear from you.

Treatment Providers | innovative providers and organizations that are currently helping veterans with PTSD to improvise, adapt and overcome. Contact us to find out how to partner with us.

 Military with PTSD

We’re here to help you through the reintegration process. Let’s work together to get you dialed in and connected with our referral network of treatment providers.

 Treatment Providers

From canine therapy to therapeutic retreats, we sponsor organizations offering effective therapies. Talk to us about what you’re doing to make a difference in the lives of vets struggling to cope with PTSD.

Corporate Giving

We rely on our corporate sponsors to enable us to carry out our various initiatives. Honor those who have served this country by becoming an OpBoom–certified corporate partner. Ask us how.


Join Operation Comeback – our employment referral and job-readiness program for transitioning vets. Find out how your business can participate in the program.


Your tax-deductible donation helps raise awareness and supports veterans fighting the darkness of PTSD. Host an event. Raise funds for a service dog. Support a therapeutic sports event or outdoor retreat. Set a goal. Get creative. And change someone’s life.

If you’d like someone from Operation Boomerang to attend your event, give us a shout.

Whether you’re a corporate sponsor or an individual, your generous donation gives hope. Your support is deeply appreciated.

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